Residential gardening services

We understand that you will take great care in choosing whom to trust with your garden’s care and development.  Your requirements and expectations will be given top priority by our gardening team. As garden lovers ourselves, it is our passion to deliver professional gardening services that leave you feeling ‘wowed’.

In many cases, we nurture and care for gardens that we have designed and built ourselves – the end of a landscape project is the start of a garden’s journey. We also take on new gardening clients who are looking for a professional service steeped in horticultural knowledge and experience. In all cases, we start with a consultation between you and our Horticultural and Gardens Manager. This is to establish your requirements and draw up a bespoke gardening year planner for your garden.

Gardening year planners

Above all, your gardening planner will be customised to you and your garden. In broad terms, it might include:

  • Lawn care including mowing, strimming, laying
  • Weeding
  • Pest and disease control
  • Tidying including clearing leaves
  • Hedge cutting/trimming
  • Pruning including specialist pruning
  • Planting including new schemes and seasonal planting
  • Washing down terraces and other hard surfaces
  • Preventative maintenance of water features and irrigation systems

Importantly, your year planner will take account of the changing seasons. It will specify which tasks take priority at different times of the year. For instance, in winter there will be more pruning and tidying and in the spring the emphasis will shift to planting and preparing for the summer months.

Our Horticultural and Gardens Manager will oversee the delivery of your gardening plan.  She will be happy to help with queries or ideas for your garden. We also have the skills, knowledge and resources to undertake special horticultural projects as needed.

To help you to decide what’s best for you, here’s a blog post from our MD James Scott on the benefits of professional gardening services.

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