The creation of spaces is just one aspect of our work. Equally important is the work we do to nurture clients’ gardens and grounds, ensuring that they go from strength to strength, year after year.

Whether a residential garden or part of a commercial property, a green space is a living, growing thing that needs proper care and attention. Without this, even the most beautifully designed space will not look good or fulfill its potential. Conversely, a green space that thrives can be the most rewarding place to spend time in. You can trust us to keep your garden or grounds looking their best all year round.  We are highly skilled at guiding gardens and outdoor spaces with foresight as they develop.

We know that no two spaces are the same and we will plan how to cater to your specific needs.  We know how to remain true to a garden’s underlying design concept while helping it to grow and develop.  We know what changes are most likely to succeed because we understand the conditions – soil, light, weather – and we certainly know about plants.  And as genuine nature lovers we use sustainable products, contributing to a lasting natural environment that can be enjoyed for years and generations to come.

Care packages for residential gardens

Flexible project services

Management plans for commercial and public spaces

How we work

We prepare individually tailored care packages and management plans for every garden or grounds within our care.  On an agreed schedule, our dedicated teams provide a highly professional gardening service which includes far more than mowing lawns or weeding borders. Our Horticultural and Gardens Manager provides you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for expert advice, planning specific tasks or to discuss new or long-term ideas.

We also offer small, flexible gardening projects to support you in keeping your cherished green space looking its best, year-round. We can carry out these projects seasonally or offer them on a one-off basis.
Small projects include: formative horticultural pruning of plants for you at the right time, tidying leaf litter and cleaning terraces or walkways;  carrying out division of congested plant specimens; advising, ordering and planting out new plants eg for a spring flower bed; designing and fitting garden lighting or irrigation systems; providing a full tree surgery service including lopping, shaping, dead wooding, hedge cutting; and advising on and installing garden buildings and structures.

We provide these services in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex and North London.

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