Horticultural, planting and tree services

No matter how big or small, your garden can be the perfect retreat for you to spend some time quietly relaxing. Or it can be your chosen location for great fun with friends and family, dining and partying. But if your garden is feeling a little ‘unloved’, you might be less likely to use it to its full potential. Sometimes your requirements from your garden change too.  Maybe your children have grown up and you want to re-purpose their play area into something more suitable. Or maybe you have a special occasion coming up and you want to upgrade your garden’s appearance ready for the big day.

At The Garden Company, we are happy to help with horticultural projects that refresh your green space. We will turn your garden dreams into an action plan and deliver the changes needed. 

Our services

Your gardening project will be customised to your unique requirements. Typical examples might include:

  • New planting schemes – often to add more cohesion, year-round interest and biodiversity to the space
  • Adding planted containers to front and rear gardens, terraces and balconies
  • Adding an area for edible gardening
  • Seasonal garden overhaul – e.g. post-winter visit to get ready for the year ahead
  • Specialist tree services – we provide a wide range of tree works, including tree planting, pruning, tree felling, stump removal and hedge maintenance

Firstly,  our Horticultural and Gardens Manager to meet you to discuss your requirements. The advantage of choosing The Garden Company for this work is that – in addition to our own talented gardeners – we can also offer a range of specialist skills including carpentry, electrical works, water feature/pond installation and tree surgery.

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