7 reasons to use a professional gardening service

Since early last year, many people have spent more time in their gardens and outdoor spaces than ever before.  For a lot of garden owners, the opportunity to spend time caring for their gardens has been a source of  enjoyment during otherwise testing times.  The benefits of gardening are many and varied. They range from engaging with nature, boosting your mental health and keeping you physically fit. We are after all a nation that is slightly obsessed by gardening. An excellent climate for nurturing plants helps, along with a sense of healthy competition when it comes to lovely lawns, flourishing flowerbeds and (more recently) fertile vegetable patches.

However, some people simply lack the time, energy or skills to take this on themselves. Whether big or small, in town or country, a garden is a living, growing thing that needs proper care and attention. Without this, even the most beautifully designed space will not  fulfil its potential.  You may previously have thought that using a gardening service was an extravagance.  However, for many busy people there are excellent reasons to have a rethink. In this blog post, I outline some of the ways in which a professional gardening service offers you value.  I hope that you will see that the service does not have to be ‘all or nothing’. It may well be that you simply need some specialist help, some additional skills or some heavy lifting!

Gardener with hydrangeas1          You’re short of time (or energy) to do it yourself

If, like many others, you are ‘time-poor’, a professional gardening service will get your garden into shape.  This will enable you to enjoy being in it with friends and family – or just relaxing in a quiet corner away from the rest of the world! One of the key benefits that a gardening service gives you is some personal time. Even a relatively small garden can be time consuming to maintain. You might expect to spend several hours a week gardening at certain points of the year. For those with large gardens, tending the gardening every week is likely to require many hours of work. This can be quite physically demanding too. Even if you like to do a little gardening yourself, with the bulk of the hard work taken care of you will be able to spend more time simply relaxing in your garden. And enjoying it all the more because it is in great condition.

Hands shown pruning2          You lack horticultural skills or knowledge

In other words, you don’t know what you don’t know! It can be very demotivating (and expensive) to see the plants you have carefully selected struggle or fail in your garden. Professional gardeners know that no two spaces are the same and will plan how to cater to your specific needs.  Gardeners know what changes are most likely to succeed because they understand the conditions – soil, light, weather – and they certainly know about plants!  With expert care. your plants, trees and lawn are much more likely to reach their full potential.  A professional gardening team will know how to prune and mulch plants at the right time of year, divide congested plant specimens and organise new plants e.g. for a spring flowerbed.  And – as an extra bonus – if you are keen to learn some gardening tips you can pick these up too.

3          You’ve had your dream garden built

Maybe you’ve moved in recently and one of your first priorities was to overhaul the garden.  Or your family has flown the nest and you splashed out on a garden transformation. Once you’ve got your new garden in place, making sure it fulfils its potential is vitally important.  Renowned designer Tom Stuart-Smith recently summed this up: “I am the boat builder, not the sailor. All great gardens have to be taken on by the gardener and developed into something even more special”.  It is a key part of the role of a professional gardener to guide a garden with foresight as it develops. Importantly, professional gardeners know how to remain true to a garden’s underlying design concept.  They will nurture it through the seasons.  With this type of guidance, a garden goes from strength to strength.

4          Your garden features and hardscaped areas need some TLC

It’s natural to associate a gardening service with beautiful lawns and greenery, but there are other factors that go into a well-maintained outdoor space.  For example, driveways, terraces, paths and pergolas all require periodic maintenance to keep them looking their best. Your gardener will ensure that these types of jobs are included in their task list, extending the lifespan of the various materials and features in your garden.  In terms of value for money, professional gardeners have the specialist tools and equipment that are needed to complete any gardening job. These tools will allow the work to be finished in a more timely and efficient manner, which can help you keep costs down.

5          You have a ‘one-off’ garden project in mind

From time to time and to keep your garden looking its best, you may have a specific need for a bespoke horticultural or landscaping project. The opportunities are endless but – in our experience – typical projects might include: creating a kitchen garden; designing and fitting garden lighting or irrigation systems; providing a tree surgery service, including: lopping, shaping, dead wooding; hedge cutting; providing bespoke carpentry services, including: raised beds, pergolas, gazebos and summer houses; fencing, trellis and gates; utility features such as sheds, wood and bin stores.  Over the last year, as you can imagine, the demand for garden offices and fire pits has been on the increase too! A professional gardening service will be able to meet these ‘one-off’ needs either directly or through a network of trusted contacts (e.g. joiners, electricians). This helps to give you peace of mind that the work will be done on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.

Two gardeners at work6          Your lifestyle has changed

Peoples’ requirements from their gardens change, sometimes subtly and sometimes quite significantly with the arrival of babies, small children, new pets, elderly or disabled household members. These changes may mean that alterations need to be made so that everyone can safely enjoy their time in the garden. Garden ponds and swimming pools are obvious hazards to be considered.  Others include uneven surfaces and steep slopes. You may have other issues such as poisonous plants or areas you wish to contain or cordon off.  A professional gardener will guide you not only on the functional changes to be made but will also ensure that your garden remains visually appealing.

7          You have garden envy!

Often new clients mention to us other gardens in their area that have caught their eye.  In addition, the kerb appeal of your front garden matters a lot if you are thinking of selling at any point.  The health and appearance of your garden can genuinely attract people to the property and enhance its value overall. A professional gardening service can transform the external appearance of your home.  This is essential if you want the exterior space to match the quality and style of the interior.

And while garden fashions change, one thing that stays constant is peoples’ love for a lovely lawn. A healthy lawn free of bald patches is not easy to achieve.  Handing this task over to a professional gardener makes it much more likely that you will be the proud owner of a well-cared-for carpet of grass, much to the envy of your neighbours!


Even though lockdown restrictions are easing right now, for many of us the remaining summer weeks will be spent at home.  Spending time outdoors is something to look forward to.  While travel is still restricted and holiday plans rather uncertain, our gardens can be an extension of our usual living areas.  To achieve this, a professional gardening service can add real value.  It will help you to enjoy a green space that thrives, providing the setting for time with friends and family. This can be a full service with regular visits scheduled or a more ad hoc service depending on the specific need.

We provide clients in North London and South-East England with a dedicated gardening service. Our people are passionate about plants and beautiful gardens.  They add huge value in terms of their horticultural knowledge and skills. In addition, our Gardens and Horticultural Manager Joanna Mege provides clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for any horticultural queries or plans.


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