English oasis

A suburban garden transformed into a magical hideaway

The dream

Our busy professional clients in Pinner, London, came to us looking for a low-maintenance oasis that would provide calming, inspiring views from their house and a wealth of year-round relaxation and entertaining opportunities. Their dream was to recreate the sense of magic felt on holiday in sunnier locations.

Our insight

Working closely with our clients, we identified three key design challenges to overcome:

  • Uninspiring suburban views that we could soften and diffuse with clever planting while leading the eye to focal points within the space
  • A plot overlooked by neighbouring properties that invited the introduction of intimate, zoned spaces to create a sense of sanctuary
  • A lack of interesting features that could be overcome by incorporating texture and height into the design.

The transformation

The introduction of zoning and vertical and textural elements into this previously nondescript space transformed it, make it appear instantly larger, yet more cosy and inviting.

A stepped oak boardwalk creates an intriguing journey through the lush green, easy maintenance planting, comprising ferns, grasses, palms and bamboo. Nestled in the green oasis is a calming lounging area, where our busy clients can retreat and recharge from the stresses of everyday life, carefully screened from view.
A large bespoke oak pergola provides another inviting oasis – a homage to Mediterranean holidays and outdoor dining – brought to life at night with a magical lighting scheme.

We are immensely proud that this garden scheme not only transformed an ordinary garden into our client’s most loved space, but that it also won a prestigious SGD Award in the Best Residential Small Garden category (2019) and a national BALI Award for its landscaping craftmanship.

‘We’re very pleased – I knew they were very good, but we didn’t know how good until the design won a BALI award. Then we realised other people think it’s a lovely garden as well’.

Mr S, North London
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