Contemporary classic

A modern space in a twentieth-century setting

The dream

Our client, a retiree, wanted us to create a contemporary rear garden where she could enjoy entertaining and relaxing with friends. A sensitive touch was needed as the plans required approval by the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust, which is responsible for maintaining the early-twentieth century character of the area.

Our insight

A design challenge was presented by the wide, short plot. It was important to ‘keep the eye’ in the garden, creating the perception of a longer space. Large windows around the house also created a need for pleasing views from different rooms and angles.

The transformation

A high proportion of planting to hardscaping was used to create a truly ‘gardenesque’ feel whilst still allowing for several different dining, seating and entertaining zones softened with greenery.

We particularly enjoyed blending together different materials (including hard surfaces, gravels and planting) to merge the boundaries and create cohesive, intimate spaces that work well together as a whole.  We were pleased to be able to retain some existing trees to help to soften the boundaries.

To lengthen the garden, the same variety of Boxwood Shrub was repeated at intervals.  In addition, focal points were created to lead the eye from one side of the garden to the other; this included a reflective garden sculpture which added a different dimension by playing with the light and a lovely existing Acer.

Our client was thrilled with the end-result and the success of the design-and-build project was endorsed by the SGD with a finalist’s place in their national award scheme.

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