The Garden Company is celebrating its 30th anniversary

We have given ourselves a fresh new look to celebrate a special anniversary this year – 3 decades of bringing clients’ dreams to life!

The world of garden design and build has changed a lot since we set up in 1991 with two people, one vehicle and a handful of clients.  Today, we have a highly skilled workforce of 20 people with industry-leading experience and craftmanship to offer.  Our track record of winning national awards is also a strength.  We have obviously adapted our ways of working through the decades, particularly in terms of technology, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to listening carefully to our clients.  We pride ourselves on giving top priority to your requirements and making you feel ‘wowed’ with what we deliver.

At The Garden Company, we are marking this big business milestone with a new look.  This includes a new logo along with a new website which showcases our bespoke, handcrafted project work.  We hope that you will have a browse and enjoy the experience. We set out to celebrate The Garden Company’s rich heritage – of which we are very proud.  At the same time, we wanted to illustrate that we are a modern, forward looking business that continues to evolve.

What’s next?

Looking ahead over the next decade and beyond, I am very optimistic.  I think that in future people will see green spaces as even more important to their quality of life.  More transient ways of living (e.g. people living in shared accommodation, or living and working in communal hubs) are already growing in popularity. Alongside this trend, I believe that there will be more interest in community gardens, shared social spaces and optimising limited spaces and resources. For example, roof terraces and courtyard gardens are a trend that is likely to continue. I sincerely hope that this will lead to an even greater appreciation of well-designed spaces.

And personally, I remain as ambitious for The Garden Company as ever – for me, it’s always a case of pushing the business forward, but in a fairly controlled and organic way.  In other words, our fresh new look is just the start of a new chapter for The Garden Company.  And client satisfaction is set to remain at the heart of what we do.



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