Inner Temple Garden, London

It has been a great pleasure over the past five years to collaborate with Andrea Brunsendorf, the Head Gardener of the Inner Temple Garden, to help restore some of the infrastructure in this historic Garden. The Garden is set back from the Victoria Embankment in Central London.

The Garden dates back to the 12th Century when records state it was more of a market garden with orchards. Shakespeare used it as a play setting for the meeting between Richard Plantagenet and John Beaufort, which sparked the Wars of the Roses. The Garden was modified over the centuries before taking on its current layout in Edwardian times.

Much of our work has been in helping to restore some of the hard-landscape features, such as resurfacing paths to allow pedestrian and vehicle access and building and repairing steps whilst maintaining the character of the Garden.

Currently, we are collaborating with the Garden team on the rejuvenation of Hare Court, a historic courtyard near Temple Church. We designed a brick path system connecting with the network of historic Purbeck stone paths and draining channels to allow the visitor now to wander through the planting and therefore improve the use and quiet enjoyment of this hidden courtyard.

[Testimony] “Again, it has been real joy to collaborate with the Garden Company on the rejuvenation project of Hare Court. We really appreciate the dedication of their team to the project helping us to improve the courtyard to benefit of our visitors, particularly grateful to Grant Brown, the site manager and his attention to detail.”

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