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2019-12-20_1401Whatever your religious views, and however you spend December 25th, there is really no better time than Christmas and New Year to reflect on the year gone by, to appreciate those around us and to look forward to what lies ahead.  As owner-manager of The Garden Company and having been in this post for nearly 30 years, I genuinely feel that this is as true at work as it is in any other part of my life.

With that in mind, I would like to use this blog post to say a huge personal thank you to:

  • Our clients for trusting us with your gardens and projects throughout 2019.  We know (because you tell us!) that finding the right landscape designer, construction team or maintenance service can be a real challenge and we are proud to have been chosen by you.  It’s so satisfying to transform blank canvases or ‘tired’ spaces into thriving, beautiful places where you want to spend time with your families and friends.  It’s also a huge buzz on a cold, wet morning to get a text from a client telling me how happy their garden makes them feel!
  • My managers and all of our team members. Looking around me here in the office today, I am particularly grateful for the good teamwork that we have put into practice over the last year. Our Maintenance Manager has been on maternity leave for a portion of the year (congrats again Jo and Nick!), her work has been ably covered by one of our Team Leaders, Alex Bowden (cheers Alex!) together with support from our Landscape Manager (Alex Haerle) and the rest of the business. This has all helped us to make the best use of our talents to look after our clients.
  • Our suppliers.  It’s hard to overstate how essential it is for us to work with valued business partners that we can rely on and trust to deliver what we need when we need it. I would like to praise the hard work and high quality standards of our longstanding suppliers CED Stone, Londonstone, Harrod Horticultural, Rochfords and Coles Nurseries, without whom our projects would not be possible.  We always enjoy catching up with our contacts throughout the industry at various events throughout the year and 2019 was no exception, with a particularly good few days at RHS Chelsea in May and recently a great day at Futurescape in Surrey.
  • Other professional designers.  As a garden builder as well as designer, I’ve worked closely with many designers since setting up The Garden Company, including Debbie Roberts and Ian Smith at Acres Wild, Jilayne Rickards, Cassandra Crouch, also Julie Toll and Andrew Wenham in Hertfordshire to name a few.  Our role in this type of partnership is of course to interpret their design concepts as sensitively as possible. This year we have been delighted to further develop our working relationship with Sarah and Anna at JarmanMurphy and with Taylor Tripp by collaborating on some exciting and creative projects.


One thing I am already looking forward to next year is continuing our work on a beautiful residential project in Oxfordshire. The Garden Company was commissioned to design and build this garden in late summer.  It’s a really interesting opportunity, based on a listed Georgian Manor house being converted for modern living, whilst maintaining the character of the era. We are just entering the planting phase which is often one of my favourite stages as the design ideas and plans start to become a reality.

But that is all several weeks away and before then we will be ‘stepping away’ from the PC/phone/various tools of our trade and taking some time out for the festivities.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

Please note – our last day in the office is 24th December and we will reopen on the 2nd January 2020.

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