National Open Gardens Day – 3 good reasons to visit a garden this week

This week marks National Gardening Week and the first ever National Open Gardens Day (on April 17).  The RHS has asked gardens that normally charge for entry or are closed to the public on April 17 to open their doors for free.  The RHS will also be opening its own 4 gardens – Wisley in Surrey, Hyde Hall in Essex, Rosemoor in North Devon and Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire – on the day. Many of the RHS Partner Gardens, National Gardens Scheme gardens and others have also joined the campaign.

I was reflecting recently on why I love to visit different gardens – here’s what makes a garden visit worthwhile for me:

RHS Wisley
RHS Wisley
  1. Being inspired by the creative use of space, colours, sights, sounds and enjoying their impact on me. I love to watch how people engage with a space and think about how the designer influenced this interaction. 
  2. Learning something new about the use of plants, how they perform. The options when faced with a garden space to be designed are limitless. The brief from the client should then influence the concept. Then it’s over to the designer to create a space that fulfils the function required but also has a pleasing form and creates an enjoyable atmosphere.  I enjoy looking at other peoples work and analysing the process they have gone through to achieve the result. I am always interested to see if I think they have taken all the opportunities to create the best space possible and if would I have done it differently! 
  3. And of course, this week, an additional reason might be free entry!  Check the National Gardening Week website for more information about gardens participating on April 17.

If you are based in London or the South-East and would like our advice on making your own garden/outdoor space an inspiring place to visit and enjoy, then why not call the office on 01442 832666 or email me at

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