Let’s hear it for parks and green spaces

Love Parks Week (www.loveparks.org) is the UK’s largest celebration of parks and green spaces, taking place this year from 24 July.  It has one simple aim: to encourage people to visit, enjoy and take pride in their local parks and green spaces, driving the message that our parks and green spaces are essential to healthy, happy and strong communities.

What’s your favourite public park? We’ve been asking ourselves the same question in the office this week and had to restrict ourselves to London parks to arrive at this shortlist of our most-loved spaces …Park

1       Hampstead Heath in North London for its amazing views, landscapes and wildlife habitats. It is one of London’s best places for wildlife and features a number of priority species identified in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

2       Richmond Park offers wonderful woodland gardens and grasslands and is a major UK site for ancient trees, particularly oaks, which have huge significance historically and also for our wildlife.

3       Green Park – the smallest of London’s 8 Royal Parks – I often have meetings in central London in my role as a Council Member for The Society of Garden Designers. Whenever possible I get off a tube stop early so I can wander through this lovely park. It provides a peaceful haven for people living, working or visiting central London.  It’s perfect for picnics at this time of year or just a relaxing space for walks between appointments!

We are so lucky to have so many beautiful parks in the UK … if you have a favourite one near where you are, why not make time to visit it sometime soon? At this time of year, you will see one of the greatest displays of colours you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all year.

And if you are based in London or the South-East and want any ideas to improve your own green space at home then give us a call on 01442 832666.

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