Interior Landscaping Hertfordshire

The Garden Company offers interior landscaping services in Hertfordshire and throughout South East England. In recent years there has been growing awareness that plants can improve a company’s corporate image and also provide an enhanced working environment for its staff – leading to even more interest and demand for our schemes.

We offer a comprehensive range of interior planting and design services from initial specification and design through to long term maintenance of your scheme. We will advise you on the most suitable plants for your setting, taking into account factors including light, temperature, internal decoration and budget.

Interior plant design Hertfordshire

Cacti in cube planters

Interior Plant displays Hertfordshire

Palm in red planter

Interior plant design Herts

Palms in silver planters

Interior plant displays Herts

Sansevieria in silver cylinders

Cacti in cube plantersPalm in red planterPalms in silver plantersSansevieria in silver cylinders

If you intend to purchase your plant displays outright, then a maintenance schedule is an essential element in getting the best value for money from your plant displays. Alternatively, you can rent plants and planters from us with the maintenance schedule included in the monthly cost.

Once installed our highly professional technicians will make scheduled visits to ensure the plant displays are always looking their best.

If you already own your plants and planters then we are able to give you a tailored maintenance schedule to ensure that you get the most from them.

If you would like advice, a quotation or further information on our interior landscaping services in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Bedfordshire or Middlesex, then please contact us.

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