Garden Lighting and Irrigation

The Garden Company offers full garden lighting and irrigation services for your garden or outdoor space in Hertfordshire and throughout South East England.

Garden Lighting

If there’s one feature you can rely on to add style and functionality to your outdoor space, it’s well-designed lighting.  Garden lighting adds a new dimension to your garden, extending the time you can use and enjoy your outdoor space. Professionally designed lighting schemes will bring your garden to life at night and during the winter months. Lighting gives you the opportunity to extend the use of your garden, creating more opportunities for you to entertain family and friends and enjoy eating outdoors late into the evening. Garden lighting needs careful design to apply creative lighting effects and to provide safe guidance around a garden. The art is to create a beautifully lit garden with unobtrusive light fittings. Of course, the technical aspects of lighting must not be overlooked. All of our garden lighting schemes are installed by fully qualified electricians and where appropriate NICEIC certificates are provided after installation.

Garden Lighting, Hertfordshire

Uplit house at night

Garden Lighting Herts

House during the day

Computerised irrigation systems Hertfordshire

Computerised irrigation system

Exterior Lighting Hertfordshire

Downlit tree fern

Exterior Lighting Herts

Downlit wall detail

Exterior lighting North London

Dramatically uplit tree reflected in a pond

Irrigation systems Bucks

Easy manual spray adjustment

Irrigation systems commercial business parks Herts

Keep your garden well watered while on holiday

Garden Lighting Kings Langley

Uplit Betula jacqumontii

Exterior lighting schemes Buckinghamshire

Uplit tree and bamboo foliage

Garden lighting North London

Uplit tree bark

Garden lighting Bucks

Water feature lit to dramatic effect

Uplit house at nightHouse during the dayComputerised irrigation systemDownlit tree fernDownlit wall detailDramatically uplit tree reflected in a pondEasy manual spray adjustmentKeep your garden well watered while on holidayUplit Betula jacqumontiiUplit tree and bamboo foliageUplit tree barkWater feature lit to dramatic effect

Garden Irrigation

An effective irrigation system will allow your garden or outdoor space to flourish via efficient, automated watering which meets your needs and is environmentally sound. With ever increasing demands on water supplies it makes sense to have a professionally designed and installed irrigation system. This is particularly true when establishing new plants.  An automated irrigation system will:

  • Save you time and use less water than watering by hand or hose
  • Help plants to grow faster and greener while reducing weed growth
  • Help to preserve soil nutrients by preserving soil structure

Irrigation systems may include:

  • rainwater/grey water harvesting
  • drip irrigation
  • sprinklers

If you would like advice, a quotation or further information on our garden lighting and irrigation services in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex or North London, then please contact us.