Jobs in the garden for November and December

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We’ve already had some hard frosts in the last couple of weeks, a reminder that there are still a few jobs left to do in the garden before we can put our feet up in front of the fire.

Grass and Lawn Maintenance

Keep off lawn areas in frost weather to prevent scorching.

Repair lawn areas and rake off leaves if weather permits.

Trees, Shrubs and Plants

November sees the start of the bare root planting season. Bare root plants are much cheaper than purchasing container plants in the spring and will have the dormant season to settle into their new surroundings.

Protect newly planted trees and shrubs in an exposed situation from frost and wind.

Check tree ties and stakes on a regular basis to make sure the stakes are sound and the ties are not cutting into the trunks should the girths have put on growth.

Check for dead wood and remove.

Prune back any tall shrubs to guard against wind rock.

Plant tulip bulbs

Protect tree ferns and tender plants with horticultural fleece and straw


Drain down irrigation systems and move computer timers and double taps into frost free storage


Always check bonfires prior to lighting for hibernating hedgehogs.

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