Jobs in the garden for May and June

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As a result of the unseasonal weather conditions we are experiencing across the UK, many of our gardens are slow to get going with some flowering shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants being set back as much as one month. However nature always has a way of bouncing back and it’s best to keep on top of our gardening tasks now so as not to let it all run away with us once the warmer weather finally gets underway! Here is a check list of what to concentrate on over the next couple of months.

Lawn care

  • Mow lawns once a week, cutting a little lower each time but avoiding scalping the lawn which encourages moss and weed growth
  • Weeds will be actively growing so keep them under control with a selective weed killer. Always use weed killers responsibly, paying particular attention to weather conditions prior to application.
  • Energise tired lawns with a liquid feed

Shrubs and Plants

  • Water and feed plants regularly as required
  • Prune spring flowering shurbs that have finished flowering
  • Lightly trim Box and other formal shrubs
  • Hoe borders regularly
  • Divide and cut back spring flowering perennials
  • Cover any tender plants with horticultural fleece on clear nights when there is still a possibility of frost
  • Dead head and cut down spring flowering bulbs approx. six weeks after flowering
  • Top up borders with bark mulch to retain essential moisture
  • Plant root balled ever green shrubs before the end of May

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