Jobs in the garden for March and April

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With the bitter icy winds sweeping the country at the moment it hardly seems possible that next week sees the first day of Spring. Despite this I’ve noticed some birds have started nesting already, so bare this in mind with any tasks you may want to do in the garden. Here are some our recommendations for tasks to be getting on with once the weather gets back to the seasonal norm.

Lawn Care

  • Start to mow lawns regularly when there is no risk of overnight frosts. Set the mower blades high for the first couple of cuts and collect all cuttings.
  • Reseed any bare patches of lawn and feed established lawns.

Shrubs and borders

  • Prune bush and shrub roses and shrubs with colourful winter stems.
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs
  • Plant spring bulbs in the green e.g. snowdrops, bluebells, aconites and anemones
  • Renovate climbers and plant new ones
  • Mulch bare soil paying special attention to newly planted trees and shrubs to help moisture retention and suppress weeds
  • Plant all bare root trees and shrubs by the end of March
  • March is also a good time to relocate shrubs

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