Jobs in the garden for July and August

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Despite the continued unseasonal weather there are still plenty of jobs you can be doing in the garden during the next couple of months, if you manage to dodge the showers!

Lawn maintenance:

Keep grass in good condition by mowing, strimming and edging weekly.

Feed and weed lawns with appropriate fertiliser and weed control products. Always read manufacturer’s guidelines carefully before applying.

Trees and shrub maintenance:

Prune Spring/early Summer flowering shrubs

Trim conifer hedges

Prune unwanted growth on trees for shape and to help moisture retention

Annuals and perennials:

Regularly dead head herbaceous and bedding plants to encourage repeat flowering

Plant autumn bulbs

Pests and diseases:

Keep an eye out for any signs of pests and diseases which will spread rapidly in warm weather and treat accordingly.

Introduce plants into your garden that attract ladybirds, lacewings etc. to help control aphids.

Plant marigolds in the greenhouse and under roses to help manage black fly.


Keep weeds under control by hoeing borders and weeding paths regularly.

If using weed killers only use under the guidelines issued by the manufacturer.

Always use herbicides and pesticides responsibly. Do not use in adverse wet or windy conditions.

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